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The MC Family

At Morris Catholic, we believe in empowering our students to lead, serve, and inspire both within and beyond our campus. Through community service projects, outreach programs, and our innovative MC Leads/Senior Leadership program, students are given unparalleled opportunities to act as liaisons between their peers and the school administration, thereby shaping the very fabric of our community.  Our student government and leadership initiatives offer platforms for voices to be heard and ideas to flourish, encouraging students to take charge of their high school journey. 

Echoing the sentiments of our Activities Program, we are committed to enriching the high school experience, allowing students to express themselves, forge lasting friendships, and pursue their passions with vigor. Join us in exploring the diverse and dynamic facets of the Morris Catholic community, where every student is empowered to leave a lasting impact.

Our aim is for each member of the MC community to actively participate in some facet of our campus life through athletics, fine and performing arts, or our activities program, which is carefully crafted to allow students to explore their interests and passions.