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Liturgies & Retreats


At Morris Catholic, we deeply value the spiritual growth and sense of community that comes from shared worship. To foster this, we offer daily Mass at 7:20 AM, which is open to all students and their immediate families. This daily gathering is a beautiful way to start the day, grounded in faith and togetherness.

Additionally, we hold monthly school-wide Masses that are specially designed to celebrate significant occasions within our community and the wider Church calendar. These celebrations are the foundation of our school's life, bringing together students, staff, and families in a powerful expression of our shared faith and values.


At Morris Catholic, our retreat program is a cornerstone of our mission to nurture the intellectual and spiritual growth of our students, guiding them to develop strong character, respect for community, and a lifelong commitment to service through the love of Christ. Retreats at Morris Catholic offer a unique opportunity for students to step away from the daily academic routine and reflect on their personal journey, faith, and how they can serve as Christ's ambassadors in the world. Through a mix of prayer, meditation, group discussions, and community-building activities, students deepen their understanding of themselves and their responsibilities towards others, fostering a sense of purpose and a commitment to lead lives of meaning and service.

Freshman Class Retreat

Our freshman retreat is thoughtfully designed to lay the foundation for community building and spiritual growth, marking the beginning of each student's four-year journey at Morris Catholic. This immersive experience brings the freshman class together, fostering a sense of unity and belonging from the outset. Through interactive activities, reflective sessions, and group discussions, students are encouraged to explore their faith, understand the value of empathy, and recognize the strength of their collective diversity. This retreat sets the tone for their high school experience, emphasizing the importance of supporting one another, growing together in faith, and developing a robust and compassionate community that reflects the love of Christ in every action and interaction throughout their time at Morris Catholic and beyond.

Sophomore Class Retreat

The sophomore class retreat at Morris Catholic, entitled "Growing in God's Love," is centered around the principle of servant leadership, illustrating how service to others is not just an act of kindness, but a profound way to build up the Kingdom of God here on earth. This retreat delves into the concept that by serving others, we reflect God's love and compassion, fostering a community that values generosity and selflessness. Through a series of service activities, reflective discussions, and prayerful meditation, students are encouraged to explore the impact of their actions on the community and the wider world. This experience aims to deepen their understanding of how, by embodying the virtues of servant leadership, they contribute to a more loving and just society, fulfilling their calling to be stewards of God's creation and messengers of His love.

Junior Class Retreat

The junior class retreat at Morris Catholic takes a profound approach to the theme of "Respecting Life," emphasizing the sanctity of life from conception to natural death. This retreat broadens the conversation beyond the topic of abortion, engaging students in a deeper reflection on the many ways we can honor and support life at every stage, in alignment with our faith's teachings on the corporal works of mercy. Through guided discussions, service projects, and reflective practices, students explore how acts of kindness, support, and compassion are vital expressions of their faith. They are encouraged to consider how they, as individuals and as a community, can actively contribute to a culture that respects and uplifts the inherent dignity of every person, embodying Christ's love through service to others, particularly the most vulnerable in society.

Senior Class Retreat

The senior class retreat at Morris Catholic is a capstone experience designed to support students as they prepare to transition from high school to college, embodying a culmination of the spiritual, intellectual, and community values they have nurtured throughout their journey at Morris Catholic. This retreat serves as a pivotal moment for reflection on their growth and the lessons learned, while also reinforcing the bonds of unity within their class. Through activities focused on self-discovery, faith development, and forward-looking goal setting, seniors are encouraged to envision their future with confidence and a deep sense of purpose. Emphasizing the importance of carrying forward the spirit of compassion, service, and leadership they've developed, this retreat aims to equip them with the spiritual foundation and community support necessary to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the next chapter of their lives with faith and resilience.

Cardboard City 

A "Cardboard City" retreat is a unique and impactful experiential learning activity to raise awareness about homelessness and poverty. Participants spend a portion of the night outside, sleeping in makeshift shelters constructed from cardboard boxes and other simple materials. The purpose of this retreat is to simulate the experience of being homeless, providing a tangible insight into the challenges and hardships faced by those living without stable housing.

This retreat helps our students by fostering empathy, understanding, and solidarity among participants towards people experiencing homelessness. It is a powerful tool for spiritual and character development, encouraging students to reflect on the values of compassion, service, and community responsibility. Through discussions, reflections, and prayer, participants are invited to consider the societal issues that contribute to homelessness and to think critically about how they, guided by their faith and the love of Christ, can contribute to meaningful change and support for the marginalized in their communities.