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Michael Malecki

History Department
Head Fencing Coach and House Navagh Teacher Facilitator
Mr. Malecki has a bachelor of arts in History from West Virginia University and received his teaching certification from Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pa. He is an avid fencer and competes in both United State Fencing Association and Historical fencing societies, as well as being Morris Catholic's and a fencing coach at Forte Fencing. In his off times he helps design games and works as a logistics officer at multiple conventions during the year. Mr. Malecki loves stories and he believes social sciences teach that. He currently teachers AP Human Geography, US History I, Physical Education and Sociology. Whether it's dressing up as a Civil War Reenactor to march his US History I students, or having students analyze lunch table patterns in his Sociology class, Mr. Malecki is about making the social sciences come alive at Morris Catholic. "Remember, if you knock the H and the I out of History what sory do you have left?" "Story"