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Humanities Resources


Literary Reference Center Plus- Extensive database powered by EBSCO
Sonnet Central - 
Your source for great poems in fourteen lines of iambic petameter each.

Editor Eric (and The Greatest Literature of All Time)
Search this site for timelines, articles, commentaries, and more on some of the greatest works of literature ever created

Shakespeare Online - "In-depth and accurate Shakespeare information, including free play analysis, Shakespeare's biography, essays, answers to common Shakespeare questions, " etc. - site text


History Reference Center - Extensive database powered by EBSCO
The History of Information 

An interactive database of articles on history from 2,500,000 BC to 2014. Search by era, view information on a map, or select a topic such as archaeology, art, codes, music, museums, technology, and many more.

Best of History Websites - This searchable pathfinder covers nine areas of history: general, ancient, Biblical, American, European, modern, Military, and art, with a section on oral history.

Digital History -

Search an interactive timeline for maps, glossaries, images, primary source documents, videos, digital textbook entries, virtual exhibits, and articles on people, events, music, food, and many other topics. (Contains a page for citing material copied from this site.)


An extensive research with many articles and media items from archeology to Zeppelins, as well as interactive pages under "Hands on History" and "How to Do History."  Also, check this link to find out what happened ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY.

HistoryNet -

Search articles provided by the publishers of eleven different history magazines. View the history gallery, see the history photo of the day, choose from "history top picks," or test your knowledge of military history in the "armchair general" section. 

Voice of America - "We Are American English" - News, history, and current videos on learning to speak "American."


 "History through the eyes of those who lived it." Access numerous primary source texts from ancient mummy-makers to President Nixson. Also includes photos and audio for selected topics.

WWW-VL (History) -  

The World Wide Web Virtual Library (complied by the European University Institute of Florence, Italy.) This is a very large index of links arranged by continents, eras, topics, and research methods.

Awesome Stories -

A site whose motto is, "Exploring Subjects and Topics from a Story Prospective." Choose from eight "channels" (Biographies, Disasters, Trials, Flicks, History, Philosophy, Sports, or The Arts.) The stories, which are often told through photos as well as hyperlinked text, are as varied as the history of baseball cards and the fight for child labor laws.

Historical Atlas of the 20th Century -

Stats, timelines, and many maps on everything from literacy rates to government, art, religion, and war.

Holocaust Resources: 


2) An End to Intolerance (magazine)      

3) US Holocaust Memorial Museum

NinteenTeen -

a blog on what is was like to be a teenager during the nineteen hundreds written by YA authors Marissa Doyle and Regina Scott.





Referencia Latina -

A database of digital articles in Spanish

Digital Dialects -  Language games to teach you the basics of more than 70 languages from Afrikaans to Zazaki. (Exercises for Spanish, French, and German are in the link section at the bottom of the page.)

Ethnologue -

A very detail-rich site about the languages of the world and their status (institutional , endangered, extinct, etc.) Includes interactive maps.

The Global Language Monitor -

Founded by an alumnus of Morris Catholic: This websites tracks changes in Global English as well as the number of words in the English Language. How does this new "global English" affect other languages...and out day to day lives? Find out here.


Free Legal Research Resources - pathfinder complied by Harvard Law School