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E-mail Troubleshooting

Having issues receiving our emails?
Our emails come from a system that lets us send the same email to multiple groups of people all at once.  This means that sometimes they get lost in the system, read as spam, or our parents unsubscribe by accident!
No worries, we've put together a little guide.
I'm not receiving emails, what do I do?
Search all of your inboxes.  As a school, we send emails to whatever email you have registered with us as a primary contact. This means, we might only send to your work email or we might only send to your personal email.  Be sure to use the search function in both.  Some of the most frequent addresses we email from are and so search for them first!
Often, these emails flag as spam or, for a Gmail account, will be stored in your "promotions" tab.  You can follow your individual email provider's guide for how to remove an email from spam/make sure a user doesn't go into spam. 
I have my work email registered with Morris Catholic, but I'm not receiving emails there?
This is very common and became a more frequent issue during the COVID-19 shutdown.  Many work emails will block emails sent to mass numbers because it regards the email as dangerous.  Follow the directions for chaging your email address with us in the "how do I change my contact email? section.
I want to receive emails from Morris Catholic at two email addresses, but I'm only receiving them at one?
Register a new email for our emails by using the form below.
I got rid of my old email, how do I made sure I still receive information from MC?
Fill out this form:


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Class Year
Contact Maureen Costello in the Main Office ( with your name, new email address, and student(s)' class year(s). 
We will adjust your information in all of our systems.
I receive weekly emails from MC, is that normal?
Totally normal!  During the school year, most individuals will receive 1 weekly email every Thursday.  Parents will receive an email on Sunday in addition to the Thursday email.  All of these emails are part of the same list, however, so if you unsubscribe from one, you unsubscribe from all future communications from MC.
I accidentally hit unsubscribe on an email!
No problem, it happens all the time!  Use the form above to re-register yourself or use a previous email you received to select subscribe.
I want to submit something to the weekly email, how do I do it?
There are a few rules concerning what goes in what emails and what's allowed, so make sure to ask Shea Servidio ( what your options are. Beginning in September,  all deadlines for Thursday emails are Monday and all deadlines for Sunday are Wednesday.  
I receive some emails, but not others.  Why is that?
We may have you tagged wrong.  Most commonly, this happens with parents who have multiple students in the school.  Sometimes one student gets tagged under one email and a sibling gets tagged under another.  This is a very easy fix, please contact Shea Servidio ( detailing the problem.  Be sure to include your student(s)' class year(s) in your email.
I still have questions/concerns.
Email Shea Servidio at and detail your problems.  She can contact our service provider on your behalf if need-be.  
Please note!
None of the above information is in regards to Honeywell, our Instant Alert System.  Please contact Maureen Costello ( for any problems with phone numbers and Honeywell.
None of the above information is related to Schoology alerts, emails, or notifications.  If you have issues with your Schoology account or with accessing Schoology email notifications, please contact our IT Manager, Sam (


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