Annual Report

Dear Morris Catholic Benefactor -

We are a few weeks into school and it’s almost like we have never left. Summer break is a distant memory and we look forward to the many blessings that come with a new school year.


Thanks to your contribution to the Fund for Morris Catholic, we will continue to offer our students the great gift of a Catholic Education.


Our theme this year is Every Student Matters. Your gift to Morris Catholic is because you believe in our young men and women and this is why your gift is so important. This is why Every Student Matters in the important ministry of Catholic Education. We not only educate these young men and women, but also strive to strengthen their faith in this life and life eternal.


Because Every Student Matters, your gift truly matters.

Please find a copy of our 2018 - 2019 Annual Report below. This is a great opportunity to reflect on our successes from the past year as we show how Every Students Matters for the future of Morris Catholic.


Prayers & Blessings -

Fr. Peter Clarke, Ed. D.