Visual Arts

Fine Arts

The Goal of the Visual Arts Program at Morris Catholic
In all forms of art we continually strive to answer questions:  Does it move me?  Does it please me?  Does it force me to see and think in a way I have never tried before?
Studies show that there are specific “studio habits of mind” which help to teach a set of thinking skills rarely addressed in other areas of curriculum.  These skills are persistence – working through frustration and setbacks to create a finished piece, expression – of one’s voice or opinion, making clear connections – school work to the outside world, observation – seeing what is really there instead of what one thinks is there, envisioning – forming mental images internally as a guide, innovation – experimenting with the various mediums and not being afraid to make mistakes but in fact learn from them and of course, self evaluation – a series of reflective questions.  What did I set out to do?  Did I accomplish my goal?  What could I have done differently?

     We are proud to strive toward these goals and thank you for sharing your precious children with us in the wonderful educational journey.
Courses Available 
     Our program consists of Visual Arts I, Visual Arts II & III and Graphic Arts I & II.  We believe that artwork should be shared as opposed to housed in a portfolio, so to that end we have two in school art exhibits annually, giving every art student an opportunity to display at least one piece of artwork.  In addition, we participate in several outside exhibits such as the Vans sneaker design contest, Blackwell Street Artists Exhibit, and the Congressional Art Exhibit (11th District).


ART CLUB - every student is welcome to join in and pick up a brush. Projects vary from in-school murals and set designs to outside community service projects.
CHRISTMAS FINE ARTS EXHIBIT  This collaborative event with the performing arts department is held every year before Christmas.  Every art student has at least one piece of art work on display.
SPRING FINE ARTS EXHIBIT  Every spring there is a collaborative concert and fine arts exhibit.  Our spring exhibit also includes a special, juried, 7th & 8th student art exhibit in addition to Morris Catholic art students.

Kristen Cregg "Papa's Flag" oil pastel

Won 3rd place recognition in the state of NJ - VFW Ladies Auxiliary competition. This piece portrays Kristen's grandmother receiving a flag on behalf of her grandfather.