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iPad Initiative

iPad Initiative

At Morris Catholic, we believe that iPads are not a passing fad but a revolutionary technology that will help our students and teachers ENGAGE in learning on a deeper level.  Research shows time and time again that engaged students are successful students.  The iPad Initiative at Morris Catholic seeks to foster ongoing student engagement. Our formula is as follows:

Everywhere learning.  With iPads, students hold a SmartBoard in the palm of their hands.  Our campus-wide WiFi allows students to access the internet anywhere, anytime.

Network strength and WiFi coverage.  The LANs and WANs we utilize shift traffic where it needs to be so that internet traffic doesn't get bogged down.

Giant vision for program growth.  We don't see iPads as simply tools for apps or for doing homework.  The ENGAGE program at Morris Catholic is a launching pad to literally transforming how we teach and learn at school.

Accountability and security.  We utilize Meraki technology to push academic profiles to students.  This increases the chances of internet security and focused in-class learning. 

Gradual rollout of 1x1 devices.  We have chosen to deploy iPads one grade at a time.  

Evaluation and review.  No 1x1 program is successful without ongoing review.  We invite interested parents and community stakeholders to be a part of our Technology RoundTable.  This group works with school staff to evaluate the success of the ENGAGE program.


Morris Catholic was featured in Tech & Learning in 2011 for its use of iOS apps on the iPhone and iPad.   Click here for the article.


iPad Requirements for 9th Grade

Incoming 9th graders: The technology fee of $350 is due August 1, (originally listed July 2, but we extended it). Checks can be made out to Morris Catholic High School. The fee covers insurance for the first three years at Morris Catholic, the case and keyboard as well. The students will be able to pick up their iPads on Freshman Orientation, on Wednesday, August 28. Please note that none of the summer work they have will require the use of an iPad. They will not need it until August 28. Students in the Summer Institute will be issued Chromebooks for the week, instead of iPads. 



Security & Network Enrollment

Each MC student will go through an enrollment process upon entering school on the first day.  This enrollment will give each student secure access to the internet. This access has the same standards for filtering and security that exist on every computer and device connected to the internet on the MC campus.  Once each student's iPad is enrolled, Morris Catholic will have capabilities that include managing certain aspects of the device, sending apps, tracking lost iPads, wiping or locking the device, and checking certain stats and performance.  These management capabilities will ensure your student's iPad is safe on the MC network but does have some limitations when recovering lost devices outside of the MC campus.

Please remember that the iPads are the student's personal property and are the student's responsibility.  They should be treated like any other personal school items students use in the classroom.   

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