Program of Studies

Morris Catholic is dedicated to the goal of academic excellence for all of its students. In pursuit of this standard, our faculty, guidance department and administration work cooperatively to provide individual attention and quality teaching, infused with strong Catholic values.

Morris Catholic gives our students an academic home where they are challenged to become the man or woman they were made to be. Our curriculum forms them intellectually, artistically, athletically, spiritually, and morally. We work to develop those gifts that are apparent and those are yet hidden. That is why our program offers the following:

  • Seventeen AP courses
  • A nationally recognized Performing Arts program
  • Four world language opportunities
  • Various internships for seniors (Guidance, Marketing, & Publishing)
  • Schoology online learning
  • iPad 1-to-1 Program
  • A & B day rotating schedule with a daily Common free period. 


All we learn at Morris Catholic is with and through and knowledge of the love of Christ ... Scientia Caritatis Christi.  This means that our lens for viewing secondary education is our very faith in Christ.


The Four Thrival Skills

As a school in the contemporary era, Morris Catholic seeks to instill what are often called "21st century learning skills" into its curriculum and approach to everyday life.We have developed what we call the "Four Thrival Skills".  For those students who master these skills, our research has found that they succeed in college and well into their early career.  
  1. Living from a set of personally held values
  2. Leading with courage
  3. Working collaboratively towards goals
  4. Communicating effectively

Morris Catholic Curriculum Guide 

Take time to explore our academic programs and all MC has to offer.

View our Complete 2023/2024 Curriculum Guide by clicking HERE.