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2018/2019 MCHS Bus and Train - Transportation Information

Morris Catholic’s bus model is a community based model very similar to our sister schools:

  • No student is picked up at his or her home. However, our pick up locations are typically within 1- 5 miles from your home. Many pick up locations are not within walking distance.
  • FYI – DePaul Catholic, in most towns, has only one or two pick up locations.
  • Run times vary. Student’s trips can take from 15 minutes to an hour (or more in some locations). Most student run times are somewhere in the middle.


What are my transportation options?

  • Option 1 - Take the train into Denville where our shuttle bus will then take you to MCHS (and reverse the trip in the PM).
    • The train is an easy and efficient way for students to travel to MCHS.
    • Westbound stations include - Summit, Chatham, Madison, Morristown, Morris Plains, and Mount Tabor.
    • East bound stations include – Hackettstown, Mount Olive, Netcong, Lake Hopatcong, and Dover.
  • Option 2 - Be picked up somewhere close to your home (1 to 5 miles) by our contracted bus or van service (and reversed in the PM). 
  • There is no option for a half year or one way service. When we contract with the bus company, they only provide a full year service.


Do I receive aid in lieu (via the B6T form) from my town or possibly courtesy busing? What are the next steps?

  • The vast majority of students receive aid in lieu from their towns, which will help you to offset your transportation costs. You will need to check with your Board of Education if you have any questions. The aid in lieu amount in 2017/2018 was $1000. The aid in lieu amount targeted by the state for 2018/2019 is $884 (subject to change).
  • You will find the aid in lieu B6T form online with the registration information. This form must be printed off and sent to MCHS, Attention: Mrs. Nancy Fitzgerald, 200 Morris Ave, Denville, NJ 07834 by March 2nd. This form will be registered and then forwarded to MC’s Transportation Coordinator – see below (Patrick Vogelsang x313). It is critical that your B6T form identifies your Resident Board of Education…not your county. Typically this is the public high school that your child would have attended. Please call your board if you are not sure as the wrong Board of Ed designation will jeopardize your aid in lieu.  
  • Courtesy busing is also a local town decision. If your town provides courtesy busing for your child, you cannot receive aid in lieu.


Costs - all costs listed below are for 2018/2019 – as outlined in the Tuition & Fees document:

  • All students, regardless if you are taking the bus or train, need to fill out the transportation form/option on the registration portal.
  • Option 1 - MCHS cost for the train shuttle is $700.
    • In addition, NJ Transit discounts are available for students. Please obtain the form from the train station and MCHS will provide you with the school seal in order to obtain the discounted monthly pass.
  •  Option 2 - MCHS cost for the round trip bus/van service is $2,600.
  • All options require that a $500 non-refundable deposit be sent to Mrs. D’Agosta in the MCHS Tuition and Fees office by May 30, 2018. If you have not done so by this date, you risk having your name removed from transportation.
  • Busing is very expensive and the cost we receive from our students does not cover our transportation budget. Every student will need to be subsidized by MCHS.


When will I know where my pickup location (bus route) is?

  • Not until we identify all possible bus/train riders (late registering students, transfers, international students), which typically does not get finalized until mid to late August.
  • We have to wait until all students are identified for the bus company to efficiently determine the bus routes. For example, if a late registering student is added after the route is decided, it can change the entire route and pick up times.


Can I car pool instead of using a bus/van?

  • Yes, We have lists of MCHS students from every town and are happy to share this information with families that request it.


Who is the transportation coordinator at MCHS?


Who is the contact at the bus company? What is the freeze period?

  • Contact information will be sent to you by mid to late August.
  • Once the routes and times have been provided to you (mid to late August), any questions or concerns should be sent to the bus company for resolution.
  • However, once school starts, there is a 2 to 3 week “freeze period” (no changes to routes) where we give the bus company the opportunity to smooth out the routing process.


Bus schedules – regular and exceptions:

  • In the P.M., buses do not typically leave MC (except the train shuttle) until 3:15. This gives our students a chance to see their teachers and/or to participate in extracurricular activities after school.
  • Regular bus schedule also includes:
    • H days
  • Exceptions:
    • School delay due to snow/elements - the announced MC delay, is the same for the bus delay. E.g. If school is delayed 2 hours, then the bus schedule is delayed 2 hours.
    • Early dismissal due to weather/etc. – Buses will run 20 minutes after the time we are dismissed as announced by our principal.
Please find the B6T Form Below