Scholarships & Financial Aid

Paying for a Catholic education is an investment in your daughter or son’s future. Morris Catholic High School affords scholarships and grants that may help with the financing of your child’s education.

2019-2020 Academic Year

Morris Catholic offers incoming freshmen several scholarship opportunities.


All scholarship applications must be submitted by December 20th and will be reviewed by the Advancement Scholarship Committee. All applications are available through our admissions portal online when filling out the Morris Catholic application online. When you complete the online Scholarship requirements (Student Cover letter, 500-word essay on the assigned topic, additional recommendations and references), you will be considered for any and all scholarships that are listed below, with the exception of the Sister Gemma Scholarship. The Sister Gemma Scholarship requires a separate test, which a student can only register for once they have submitted their application. 

  • CHRISTOPHER HARRIS THOMAS SCHOLARSHIP - This scholarship is awarded to students who exhibit leadership in his/her middle school, is considered a role model for other students, and has a strong academic profile. The scholarship is for all four years.

  • BLESSED PAULINE SCHOLARSHIP - This scholarship is named in honor of Blessed Pauline, the foundress of the Sisters of Christian Charity.  The Blessed Pauline Scholarship rewards students who demonstrate a well-rounded commitment to Catholic education, academic excellence, and is a student of fine character and faith commitment. This is a four-year scholarship in the range of $1000 to $3,500 per year.

  • PRESIDENTIAL SCHOLARSHIP - This scholarship recognizes citizenship, service and a commitment to Morris Catholic among incoming freshmen. This amount can range depending on the candidate.

  • SISTER GEMMA SCHOLARSHIP - Named in honor of Sister of Christian Charity Sister Gemma Streit, who tirelessly served Morris Catholic, 8th-grade students are invited to take the Scholarship exam on either December 11 at 3:30, and December 14 at 8:30 am. (No makeup date will be offered). Registration for this test becomes available to applicants in mid-October. The scholarship will be awarded based on the results of the exam, overall academic records, and strong moral character. Four $5,000 scholarships will be offered for all four years. If your application to Morris Catholic is submitted by December 6, then you will be able to register through the parent portal for the test.

  • SAINT GENESIUS SCHOLARSHIP- Named after the patron saint of the Arts, the Saint Genesius scholarship will award an incoming freshman $2000 for their first year. The student must demonstrate a dedication to the study of the arts in any area, including theatre, music, dance, visual arts, and technical theatre.
  • RATH MERIT SCHOLARSHIP- This scholarship is reserved for those who have displayed a deep intellectual curiosity, have sought out excellence in their academic work and who have demonstrated the capability to undertake the most rigorous academic programs at Morris Catholic. This scholarship can range between $1000 and $4,000 per year.

We ask all scholarship applicants to provide us with all requirements.

  • Two Recommendation Letters, one from your school principal PLUS one from either your pastor or a community Civic Leader (ex. scout leader, mayor).
  • Student Cover Letter, describing why you want to come to Morris Catholic and why you are a worthy candidate for a scholarship.
  • 500 Word Essay: What famous person would you meet from the past and why.
  • List of three to five references who are not family members. Please provide their full contact information including their name, phone number, email address, and what their association is with you.
  • All of these can be submitted through our online admissions portal.