Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

Academic Year 2023 - 2024

Cost of Attendance:

Student $16,200
Registration Fee (New Students)
Re-registration fee


This amount INCLUDES all courses, retreats, and the arts.  

Wondering if a Catholic Education is Worth the Expense?

We often receive this question from families in northern New Jersey. From focus groups and polling data, we have found that families typically articulate their top two considerations for a high school as:

  • Geography (can I get there?)
  • Finances (can we afford it?)
If transportation is a concern, please contact Shannon Mizeski, Transportation Coordinator ([email protected]).  We employ a network of town buses and small shuttles to get students to and from Morris Catholic.
If you are concerned about whether or not you can afford Morris Catholic, rest assured. Families can pay in one of three ways:
  • 10 monthly payments (July - April)
  • Two payments (July & January)
  • One payment (July)
Many families are impressed with the ROI (Return on Investment) that Morris Catholic provides.  Consider that over 50% of our graduates earn over $100,000 in college scholarships.  That's not a one-year data point but a statistic that has been verified year after year.  If you could earn two years of college for free via scholarship, why wouldn't you invest in the four years leading up to college?
Catholic secondary school also pays off in other ways.  Catholic students typically enjoy higher graduation rates than do those in the public system.  They earn more over the course of their careers.  They internalize the values that are instilled in them so that they emerge as more compassionate, confident and calm leaders.