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We are still accepting applications for the Class of 2024 and for transfer students. 

Morris Catholic is the leading Catholic high school in Morris County for coeducational, secondary education. We specialize in identifying the next generation of leaders and our smaller size allows us to value each student's unique set of gifts. Our school culture is second to none in making you and your family feel welcomed.




The application process begins online at our Application Portal, where you can, create an account, and apply. Through the portal, you can also track your application progress. 


All applicants must also take the HSPT entrance exam (formerly known as the COOP). We can offer this test individually on campus if you were unable to take the test in November. 


 Once your application has been submitted, your online Application portal will turn into an online checklist to keep track of the remaining steps for your application. Here is a brief summary of some of those steps: 


  • Transcripts: To have a complete application, you must submit 6th and 7th-grade transcripts, standardized test scores, and the first quarter of 8th-grade transcripts. The transcript request form is available through your application portal 
  • Interview: Once we’ve received your transcripts and letter of recommendation, you may schedule an interview. This is not a required step for admission but recommended, particularly if you would like to apply for scholarships. 
  • Teacher Recommendation: One teacher recommendation is required for admission, which can be sent to the teacher via the parent portal. Teachers may also write a traditional letter of recommendation and send it to Amy Bauer at
  • Scholarship Opportunities: Please make sure to consider applying for the scholarship opportunities. The portal will indicate the requirements for our Scholarships, which include references, additional recommendations, and an essay. 
  • Entrance Exam: All students applying to Morris Catholic must complete the HSPT entrance exam. Information about the exam can be found at 
  • Shadow Days: If you have not done so, schedule a Shadow Day! A Shadow Day is a great way to experience the classes, teachers, and student life at Morris Catholic. 
  • Financial Aid: If you would like to be considered for financial aid, please contact Louise D'Agosta at


 For additional information about the application process, please use the following contacts: 


General Inquiries-

To Reach our Director of Admissions, Amy Bauer-

Take a look at our current School Profile.

Leadership Development
In 2009, Morris Catholic made a decision to be known for its ability to recognize and attract student leaders. This commitment to leadership development shows up in our strategic planning, in our marketing messages and even in our 8th grade interviews. We believe that no other school identifies, attracts and then equips student leaders like Morris Catholic.