Fast Facts

"Morris Catholic was the best decision we ever made
for our child." -Terry K., Past Parent
Morris Catholic is the premier Catholic, coeducational secondary school in northern New Jersey.  With an enrollment under 500, Morris Catholic is considered to be the right size for a student who wants to find a community that is authentically caring and lands students in the best colleges in the country.  Here are our top 10 Fast Facts about Morris Catholic:
  1. Catholic.  Founded in 1957, Morris Catholic was designed to serve students in Morris County from a perspective of Catholic values.  We welcome students who are not Catholic as we form community through our diversity.  Our goal is to equip students to become "saints", embracing "The Three C's": character, community and commitment.  
  2. Coeducational.  There are many single-gender schools in northern New Jersey but only Morris Catholic delivers a quality high school education that is perfect for both young men and young women. 
  3. Right-sized.  Once a school is bigger than 500 students, it's difficult to form a community and help each student to feel valued.  Our enrollment is just under 500 students and ensures that we retain a "small school feel" with all of the amenities of a larger school.  
  4. Technologically advanced.  Morris Catholic was named by Optimum Lightpath as a School of Innovation.  Our 1x1 iPad program has been featured in numerous newspapers and the use of Schoology equips all students with daily assignments online.  
  5. Academic Rigor & Advanced Academies.  Morris Catholic has 18 Advanced Placement courses and several honors program and academies.
  6. Learning Support & Guidance. Advisory is an individualized structured program that monitors academic growth and goals. Students will be taught the following: time management skills, organizational skills, stress management, preparedness, and self-advocacy skills. We also have the After-School academic program which actively assists enrolled students in all areas of the coursework in a quiet and productive setting. The program also offers an exceptional teacher to student ratio.
  7. Both the Arts & Athletics.  We provide the best of both worlds- 15 Varsity Sports and a nationally ranked Performing Arts Program (Troupe 23).
  8. Gorgeous Campus.  Looking for 35 acres on which you can enjoy high school?  Morris Catholic is situated in beautiful suburban Denville and is surrounded by wooded neighborhoods.  
  9. Steps to Downtown Denville.  Considered to be the hub of Morris County, Denville is host to great restaurants and family-owned businesses.  Students routinely walk downtown after school for coffee, ice cream or to meet up for dinner.  
  10. An Eye for Leaders.  Only Morris Catholic can identify emerging student leaders.  We are uniquely equipped to attract the top talent from our 8th grader community.  From Student Council to Peer Ministry, Morris Catholic students gradually take ownership of the school as they progress through grade levels.
  11. Dynamic Alumni Community.  Our alumni of over 6,000 graduates are engaged and connected.  The Board of Trustees annually provides opportunities for alumni to be involved behind the scenes as it shapes the direction of the school.