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Diner Nati

Science Department: Physics and Chemistry

Dinora Nati is a caring, dedicated and enthusiastic educator whose mission is helping students become critical thinkers. She has been teaching Physics and Chemistry in NJ public schools for 15 years, and Math and Physics in middle and high schools in her native country for an additional 6 years.

Dinora is proud third generation teacher in her family, and really believes that teaching is not just her career but her calling in life. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Secondary Education. Ms. Nati has completed 15 graduate credits, and plans to obtain a Master’s Degree in secondary education in the near future.

During her teaching career, Dinora has served as the instructor of a Gifted and Talented Children’s program, has mentored students interns, has been an active participant in curriculum writing process. Dinora Nati is also a respected individual in her community.  She is a loving wife, mother and daughter in her family. Ms. Nati has dedicated herself to becoming a life-long educator and learner, and strives to install a similar desire in all of the students with whom she works.