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Queensmen Baseball Club

The Queensmen Baseball Club exists to embrace the past, enhance the present, and promote the future of the Morris Catholic Baseball program. The Club builds a community of those who have been a part of the MC Baseball Program in the past, enhance the experiences of the current Student Athletes through financial and networking means, and promote the message of Crusader Baseball to future MC students and parents to help grow the program.

The Club consists of Morris Catholic friends and alumni of the program who are committed to the mission of Morris Catholic and the growth of the Baseball Program. For more information and how to get involved, email Coach Berg at

Embracing the Past

‘Queensmen’ was the original athletic nickname for MC athletic teams in honor of Mary, the mother of Jesus.  Baseball was included in the first set of varsity sports started when Morris Catholic opened its doors to its first classes.  After a few years and the addition of other sports, the school switched to the Crusaders and have been known by that name ever since.  The Club will bring together players from past MC years to build a community of baseball alums. Alumni specific programming, in conjunction with the MC Alumni Relations Office and the Alumni Association Board of Governors, will allow alums to come back to MC and be part of the current program network with each other.

Enhance the Present

Basic costs of the baseball program are covered the MC Athletic budget- things like Baseballs, transportation, umpires, and tournament fees.  The Morris Catholic Boosters has played an essential role in providing the baseball program with equipment and tools to further enhance the players’ experiences.  The Club will help to supplement those experiences and fill gaps so the Boosters does not shoulder the full burden. The Club will also help to support extra experiences for the baseball student athletes. Examples of this could be additional t-shirts or hats, other equipment purchases, or support for spring training trips.  Each MC alum has benefited from the generosity of others before them. 

Promote the Future

One of the best ways to promote Morris Catholic Baseball and the Morris Catholic experience as a whole is through direct connections and word of mouth from those that have gone before.  The Club will help to spread the word about MC Baseball, what its goals are, how its run, and its growth to those who may be considering Morris Catholic in the future. The members of the Club will serve as unofficial ambassadors for the program to prospective students and parents.