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Student Spotlight: Robert Dong '22

International Exchange Student, Robert Dong

What do you love about MC?

There are many things that l love about MC, but the teachers and the atmosphere here are at the top. The teachers are really nice, most of them will clearly explain what you don’t know and give you some suggestions. The atmosphere is also really nice here. The students are really nice and friendly, so you feel really comfortable.

Who is your favorite teacher?

This is a really hard question. There are so many teachers I love here, but if I chose one or two, it would be Mr. Brizek and Mrs. Smith. Mr. Brizek is my history teacher. I like him because he is really nice; he will answer my questions no matter how stupid the question is. I didn't like history before, but his class takes me into the world of history and he has made me start to love the subject. Mrs. Smith is my favorite female teacher. She is in charge of the international students and she will gently and patiently answer my questions. I can always ask her for help if I have any questions or problems I don’t understand, and she is really nice and funny. I really love her.

Where do you want to go to college?
Basically, I am a math and science person, so I want to go to a college like MIT, Princeton, or Georgia Tech. I know I need to work really hard to reach this goal.

What is your dream career?
My dream career is to be a space engineer. I have had my dream career since I was six. At that time, I was really interested in aircrafts and the sky. I had hoped that one day I could fly my own aircraft, high in the sky. However, I was diagnosed with myopia when I was 7. This broke my dream because you can not be a good pilot with myopia. I think now, if I can not be the man who fly the aircraft, I will be the man to create it.

Can you please give us a glimpse of what the Chinese New Year means to you?
I think it is as important as Christmas to the American people.

If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be?
I would like to have dinner with Stephen Hawking. He is a genius and a very optimistic person. He is the man who fights for his destiny. I read his book named, A Brief History of Time. Although I was really confused after I reading this, I was surprised by his ideas. He mainly overthrows the theory of Einstein and established the black hole theory. I respect him and would like to ask him many questions about his theories.