Top 23 Tips for Exam Season


1.  Get enough sleep!
2.  Bring a snack for in between exams.
3.  Chewing the same flavor gum that you chewed while studying may help you remember what you studied. However, some teachers may not allow this so it is best to ask a day or two before the exam.
4.  Try not to cram for the exam the day before, but if you are in that situation remember to take care of yourself and sleep; just do what you can do.
5.  Sharpen your pencils the night before and make sure your pens are working.
6.  Make a study guide or just write notes on paper. Writing it out really helps!
7.  Every free minute you have, you should use to review something.
8.  Check Schoology for study guides that your teacher may have posted.
9.  There are other resources that will help you study such as crash course videos-use them!
10. Listen to your teacher when they tell you what’s on the exam! They want to see you succeed!!!!



11. Don’t spend time on things you don't know while taking the exam. Skip a question you’re stuck on; this will help you focus on what you do know and earn more points on the test. You can always go back if time permits!
12. If the teacher says the exam is easy, that doesn’t mean the exam is easy for you.
13. Some teachers have review sessions in between exams. If not, make a study group with your friends, or find some studious use of your break!
14. Don't cheat! It’s not worth it!!! The exam is ten percent of your final grade.
15. Bring a watch with you just in case you aren't seated near a clock. It’ll help you with time management!
16. Don’t give up! Try your best; you might actually know more than you think you do.



17. If you’re too tired while studying, it's not worth it; take a break, maybe go to bed and wake up early to study when you’re more refreshed.
18. It is important to take breaks while studying, but it's also important to be aware of the time you have.
19. If you end up panicking during your test it’s okay. You are about as stressed as everyone else. Take a second to breathe and collect yourself before continuing.
20. Everyone is in the same boat as you. Be nice and encouraging - <3 - everyone's in this together.
21. Eating a good and healthy breakfast before your exam will give you energy.
22. It’s important to study for your exams, but it’s also important to take care of yourself and rest.



23.   :D <3 You got this! You guys will ace your exams as long as you're prepared.