Sophomore Philadelphia Trip

Everyone seems to know the outline of American History, but the finer, more elusive details were explored in a Sophomore Class Field Trip to Philadelphia on November 20. Amongst the many historical treasures that the sophomores encountered in their journey through the past, these pictures depict some of the highlights:

Discussions about plans to gain independence were held in this room, and the signing of the Declaration of Independence as well as the Constitution happened in this room. To the left and back is the same chair George Washington once sat in as the head of the council.


Upstairs is the all-purpose room of Independence Hall. This room was used to host banquets, dinner parties, and other ceremonies.


Christ Church is a beautiful church that contained ornate design and features as well as some centuries-old artifacts, including the chair in the back and the pulpit.

This large set of organ pipes is made of a frame that originally dates to 1600s, as well as some pieces that are much less old.

Elfreth's alley is shown below. This charming stretch reminds us of what the cityscape of colonial Philadelphia looked like. Interestingly, Elfreth’s Alley still has some permanent residents, even after some 350 years.

Another image of Elfreth’s alley.

Sophomores also had the opportunity to witness a real, original photograph of John Adams at the Museum of the American Revolution. Numerous other pictures depicted influential colonial Americans in the same exhibit.

The Philadelphia field trip was an enjoyable opportunity for sophomores to catch a glimpse into the vast realm of American history. They were able to revel in the richness of the past, and some even enjoyed an authentic Philly cheesesteak on the way.