The Gaming Club Interview


The Gaming Club

This week we interviewed one of the founders of the Gaming Club at MC. Our goal was to find out the reason for the founding of the club and what happens in a typical club meeting. The interview with Luca Andreotti below has all the information and even some game recommendations for the students of Morris Catholic!

Why did you start this club?

As for the reason behind why I started this Club, the answer is quite simple and one that you might not expect. The club originally started over the course of last year with me and Greg Elorette trying to get the club rolling but we couldn’t get it through last year. This year however I managed to push the club through with Tiff as my Vice President.

 What is your goal for the year?
Our goal for the club this year is honestly just to play some board games and have fun. The point of the club is to get kids off of the screens and onto something more social and to not just play video games but to interact face to face and have fun with it.
What kind of games and activities do you play?

As for games and activities we end up playing board games, and card games during our commons meetings and every Wednesday after school Mr. Malecki and I run dungeons and dragons or any other kind of RPG games/prompts.
What games would you recommend to others?

As for games that I would recommend to others, I don’t really know I would recommend them all but if I had to choose I would recommend DND if anybody knows how to play or is willing to learn it, but for normal games I would recommend Flux.
What would you like to tell the student body about your club?

As for what I would like to tell the student body is that the club is a place where you can be yourself and hang out with your friends and just play some games. Besides that we will accept anybody who shows up and the only rules we have are:
    1. Keep the games rated PG.  
    2. Be respectful.
    3. We don’t allow any kind of electronic game - the point of the club is to get you off of them.
What kind of fun activities do you have planned for the year?

As for fun activities that we have planned, we already went on a field trip to a play-testing convention where we got to talk to game developers and play early access games that haven’t been released to the public yet.