Remembering September 11

On the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Morris Catholic High School gathered around the American flag as Crusaders to pray for the souls of our heroic brothers and sisters lost in the tragedy and for all those affected. Father Peter and Father Carmen led this memorial. The service embodied our Catholic views on the importance of uniting in prayer. We reflected on the marvel of God’s love as Father Carmen spoke on the inherent value that we place on every single life. Praying together allowed our Crusader family to bond over the depth and significance of those whom we were honoring. After prayer, Taps was played solidifying our oath to preserve the legacy of our honorees. This entirely voluntary service was attended by a substantial number of both students and faculty, all of whom approached it with reverence. A unique air of solidarity marked this gathering, and those of the Morris Catholic community hope to continue this momentous yearly tradition. We united to ensure we never forget.