Mary Korab, MC Valedictorian '23

Mary Korab was named Valedictorian of Morris Catholic High School in Denville, NJ and will be attending Harvard University next year as part of the Army ROTC program. She plans to pursue service as a lawyer in the Army Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corps after attending law school. Mary had a big choice to make as she was admitted to Harvard, the US Military Academy (West Point), Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, Brown University, The University of Notre Dame, Cornell University, and Northwestern University among others. As a student drawn to serving her country, in her junior year, Mary attended the West Point Summer Leaders Experience. Speaking with USMA cadets helped solidify her goals and aspirations to serve as an Army officer. She then continued training for the West Point Candidate Fitness Assessment and the ROTC fitness assessments, which earned Mary a full tuition scholarship to the college of her choice. “Morris Catholic has an incredibly strong community, where you can get support for anything from the teachers and administration. I even reached out to Mrs. Christian to help me with a running training plan as I prepared for my fitness assessments and was able to run a sub-7 minute mile upon completion.” She ultimately made her decision to attend Harvard on her ability to complete her undergraduate work and law school prior to her service in the US Army. 

Morris Catholic believes in a well-rounded education where, “Every Student Matters.” Mary is a prime example of this belief as she served on student council, various honor societies, is a ranked golfer in the State of New Jersey, part of MC’s Advanced Science Academy (AMI) and senior leader among other accolades. Mary believes that, “MC is such an incredible school because of the sense of community it offers, as well as the clubs and activities where each student can find a home.” Mary found great pride in her experience at Morris Catholic and found her “home” on the golf course and in the classroom. She is currently ranked 33rd in the state of NJ, was 2022 Girls 16-18 Player of the Year for the NJPGA Junior Tour, and placed 2nd as an individual in the NJAC last year. In addition to excelling academically, Mary found that Morris Catholic’s offerings helped her reach her academic goals while challenging her in areas of interest. As a student in MC’s Advanced Science Academy (AMI) senior students must complete a Capstone Project summarizing individual research in an area of their choosing. Mary chose to study injury prevention in female soldiers and female athletes. Part of this project included research, a panel presentation and a defense of research. 

The Class of 2023 at Morris Catholic collectively earned $28,260,560 in total scholarships and grants with 74% of the class earning scholarships in excess of $100,000.


Press Release Provided to The Citizen of Morris County by Morris Catholic High School