After School Academics Starting

The After School Academics Program actively assists enrolled students in all areas of academics, providing a quiet, productive, setting and an exceptional teacher : student ratio.  The Program’s eight teachers focus on all areas of academics, while also helping the students to organize themselves and to prioritize their assignments.  Study skills are stressed and tutoring in Mathematics, Foreign Language, Social Studies, English and the Sciences take place on a daily basis.  In addition, the Program also advocates on behalf of the enrolled students with their subject teachers and provides regular communication with parents and the Guidance Department.  Program Hours are Monday through Thursday, 3:00 - 4:15 and our first session is Monday October 19th.  If you think your child would benefit from what this Program has to offer, please e-mail Mr. Frank DiFalco ([email protected]) or Mrs. Toni Havers ([email protected]) for more information.