Tips On Getting Ready For Exams

Finals are coming up! Here is a list to help you study:

  1. Make a quizlet
  2. Study for a week before the exam
  3. Write out a study guide, yes I know writing takes more time but you will memorize the content more than typing
  4. Make flash cards
  5. Have someone test you on the content
  6. Don’t wait to the last minute to study
  7. Start a study group
  8. Ask teachers questions about the material, They want to help you that their job
  9. Ask people in your class questions, you both can you use each other to complete the require study guide or to just complete the study guide
  10. Do complete the study via hand writing it
  11. Have water on hand
  12. Turn off electronics or silence notifications, I know its hard but if you fail you’ll have to go through summer school, which is worst summer school or turning off your electronic for an hour
  13. Plan study time, don’t study for 4 hours straight you will drain yourself, study in sections, say you study a week before the test. A half an hour or an hour a night you will know the material like the back of the hand.
  14. Test your friends and they can test you as well
  15. Plan for you other homework as well don’t miss homework because you were studying for the teachers final, the teachers will not like that excuses.