A Senior's Reflection

As June 6 begins to creep up on me, I cannot help but think back on the past four years I have spent at Morris Catholic. I can still remember my first day, I was so terrified of being in a new place with strange faces. I wish that I could go back and tell my freshman self that she had so many wonderful experiences and relationships coming her way. I was exposed almost immediately to the warmth and friendliness this school has when a group of Performing Arts seniors sat with me at commons. I had intended to sit alone, but they insisted I join them. The Performing Arts Department quickly became my home. Now that all of the shows have closed for this year I have had time to truly understand the importance and impact each experience has had on me. I do not know if I would have the courage to continue performing in college if I had not been encouraged and supported by the department. They gave me so many chances I feel I did not deserve, and I am extremely thankful for each time I got to step on stage.

I met amazing people throughout the past four years. I have found a second family at Morris Catholic. I have grown attached to the familiar faces I pass on a daily basis, people who have helped prepare me for my next step. I am thankful for every conversation I have had with my teachers, many times I went to them searching for guidance or advice. I am thankful for my friends who have given me countless memories and days of laughter. As each day passes bringing us closer and closer to graduation, I realize how much I am going to miss the daily routines. I am going to miss Morris Catholic, but I am leaving knowing that I have been well prepared for college. It is strange to think I will not be walking through these doors on the first day of school next year, but I am looking forward to returning for a visit. Morris Catholic is so much more than a learning environment, it is a place where students truly feel loved and supported.