Science at Morris Catholic

As children, we all asked interesting questions about the world surrounding us. “Why is the sky blue?” and “What causes bouncy balls to go up and down?” Our parents and teachers would root their answers in science by saying “The sky is blue due to the way light is scattered in the atmosphere. Also, balls bounce up and down because of gravity and physics.” Science is a fundamental aspect of our lives that demonstrate the functions of a basic organism to the chemical composition of the atmosphere. As we begin to grow up, our questions begin to open our minds to the million possibilities of how the earth can rotate to the importance of quantum physics as the quark. Our science teachers become mentors in our journey in understanding life through Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

At Morris Catholic, the Science department has taken a total change for the best because the teachers are challenging the students to understand the concepts of science and its application in the world. Many teachers such as Dr. Landsman have become mentors and friends with their students, due to the various discussions about science. This allows students to expand his or her passions in science through different experiments in the new laboratories. Many improvements have been done to create a strong Science department as the addition of new teachers specifically in Chemistry. Science teachers such as Mr. Wright give a unique aspect of the different fields in science and its importance in the world. The teachers in the Science Department are not only educators but mentors the guide the students to his or her best potential.

In all, Science is an important field that creates testable explanations and experiments to understand the world around us.