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Transfer Applicants

The transfer application process is similar to the traditional application process, with a few differences depending on the grade level and time of the year. Morris Catholic accepts transfer applications throughout the year, with students typically beginning at the start of a new marking period. We can only accept applications to the senior class under special circumstances (for example, family relocation, school closure). 

 Application Process & Timeline

  • Apply Now Online: The application for 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 are available online. The online application creates a Parent Portal for you, where you can log in to continue the application process.

  • Teacher Recommendation: You will need one teacher recommendation to be accepted. There is an online form that is sent through the parent portal. 

  • Transcripts: In order to be accepted, we will need three years' worth of report cards and academic records. We will also need copies of all standardized test scores. We also require behavior and attendance records. Morris Catholic will always prioritize the safety and school environment of our current student body and will be thorough with all students who seek to transfer into that community. 

  • Entrance Exam: If your student has not taken a standardized test score within two years of applying to Morris Catholic, we will require a 40-minute transfer application test called the OLSAT. We will administer the test when your student is onsite for the interview. If your student is applying from a nontraditional academic background, we may ask your student to take the test to ensure they will be successful in a college preparatory classroom. 

  • Interview: We do require that all transfer applicants complete an interview with our admissions Admissions Director, and Principal or President. 

All acceptances are conditional until all conduct records from the previous school have been submitted to our guidance office. Should a transfer student violate our student handbook in regards to discipline within the first month of attendance, we have the right to automatically revoke the acceptance.