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Shadow Day

Experience a day at Morris Catholic! Our Admissions Team will pair you up with a Student Ambassador of similar interests so you can learn more about your favorite academic, athletic, and extracurricular programs. Our students and faculty are excited to welcome you to MC! You can schedule your Shadow Day online by visiting the Shadow Day section of our Admissions website. Shadow Days begin in October and run all year for current eighth-graders and potential transfer students. Current seventh-grade students can shadow for a half day in the spring. 

Things to Know for your Shadow Day at MC: 

  • Please arrive by 8:30 am. Our classes begin at 8 am, but we would like Shadow students to arrive a few minutes later to avoid traffic in our parking lot. 

  • Please park in front of the building and come to the main entrance doors. Please ring the bell and tell them you are arriving for a Shadow Day. A member of the Admissions staff will be waiting for your student there. Parents, you may walk your student into the building. 

  • Shadow students will be given a lunch pass so they can try our cafeteria food, but they may bring lunch from home if they prefer. 

  • Shadow students are welcome to wear their school uniform if they have one, or wear clothing appropriate for the Catholic school learning environment (no shorts, sweats, short skirts/dresses, etc...). 

  • Pick-up will be at 2 pm at our main entrance. Parents, if you would like an opportunity to meet with our Admissions Director or a member of our Admissions staff, we will be available at that time as well. Please notify us in advance if you would like a tour or a more formal meeting and we can arrange that either at pick-up or drop-off. 

Please reach out to the Admissions office at 973-627-6674 ext. 322 or with any questions you may have. 

Schedule a Shadow Day